Get To Know Your Karma, Your Credit Karma That Is.

Ah yes, Credit Karma, a product I have been using for a little over four years, and one I couldn’t live without. Credit Karma has become an integral part of my journey to financial freedom, in part because it has helped me understand what the heck credit is (truth be told I thought credit was free money, boy was I wrong!). In this post I will give you my honest opinion about the product. But, before I do, let me explain what Credit Karma is.

Credit Karma is a website that allows you to check your TransUnion and Equifax credit score for free, yes free, as in gratis and it will never harm your credit score! In addition to giving you your credit score, it provides a wealth of information, such as, credit changes, credit factors, credit reports, recommendations, spending tracker, and a credit score simulator. Credit Karma can make you a Credit Ninja, minus the Samurai sword and Kill Bill theme song . Oh and did I mention, under resources you can search for unclaimed money you might have?!

Credit Karma can provide you with so much information, you could spend all day on the website toying with different features, reading credit card reviews, playing with the credit simulator, basically anything a nerdy financial buff would do i.e. my husband (not me because I’m cool), so the list of pros and cons that are include in this post are in no way exhaustive, but should provide you a better understand of Credit Karma and whether or not it is a good tool for you to use on your journey to financial freedom. Hope it helps!

Credit Karma

Like I mentioned, I’ve been using Credit Karma for a little over four years and I have found it to be extremely helpful in understanding where my credit score currently is, what factors are impacting my credit the most, and what changes I need to make in order to improve my score. I was also able to use the home affordability calculator when my husband and I began the process of looking for a home to buy. It gave us a realistic outlook on the type of mortgage we could afford to continue our standard of living.

Another cool feature Credit Karma offers is its credit card tab. If you are looking for a credit card and have no idea where to begin, this tab on Credit Karma will give you a truck load of information for every type of credit card. Remember no two credit cards are made equal and if you want to read up even further, you can check out our credit card section here.

Its hard to pick out a flaw in Credit Karma because the site is just amazing, hello I’ve been using it for four years, probably the second longest stable relationship I’ve had, right after my husband. The only negatives I see with Credit Karma are that it does not provide you a credit score for all three credit bureaus, so it is only painting 2/3rd ‘s of the picture, and Credit Karma scores are always a few points shy of your FICO credit score.

Moral of the story, I highly recommend using Credit Karma as a tool to help you improve your credit score. Using this product you will receive invaluable free resources, continuous credit score updates, a better understand of what comprises a credit score, and information regarding credit cards, loans, and even unclaimed money.

And do you know the best part, its not just a free website, its an app too! So now you can check your credit score as often as you check your SnapChat stories!

You can sign up for Credit Karma here and download the app in the iTunes or Android app store. All for FREE!!






Note: the opinions listed above are my own, and I was not provided any free services or financial compensation from Credit Karma for my post.


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