Nothing Is Sweeter Than Honey

Who doesn’t love raw, natural honey, I mean they call it the nectar of the gods for a reason, or maybe that’s wine…In any event, we can all agree that honey is good for you and tasty. So incase you’re wondering where I am going with this, no I am not about to spend 700 words on describing this delicious natural sweetener, I do have a point, I promise.


Have you ever been shopping online and wondered “jeeze I wonder if there is a coupon code I can put to save me a few dollars so I can afford my Starbucks addiction?” No, anyone? Well maybe the Starbucks addiction part is only me, but we’ve all done it, gone on Google, searched “Sephora Coupon Codes” and tried a million different ones until we give up and pay that stupid shipping cost. Yes, I am sure we, the generation that is killing retail stores and Costco, have at some point or another tried to save a few bucks with coupon codes. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and the first one you put in works, other times you’ve copy and pasted 15 coupon codes to no avail; it’s a hit or miss when you’re Googling these things.


Alas, Honey saw a problem and provided consumers a solution!

Appropriately named Honey, this website and Google Chrome Extension helps you find the sweetest deals out there on the World Wide Web, and it is so simple to use. All you do is download the extension from the Google Chrome Webstore (if you don’t use Google Chrome, shame on you, go download it and then proceed with this blog post!), create a quick profile, and watch the magic happen. As an add-on to your browser, every time you go to checkout online Honey will automatically appear and let you know there are coupons available. When you click the Honey button, it will automatically apply coupons and sales at checkout. What used to take you 15 minutes, now takes you 15 seconds.


But wait there’s more (well now I feel like a car salesman)! Honey also compares all sellers on the Amazon marketplace and lets you know if you’re getting the best deal. Their website is awesome too because the homepage shows you all the sales going on online and what stores have killer coupons available. And wait for it, the cherry on top, you earn cash back when you use Honey! Yep, basically free money.

With the HoneyGold you get points for shopping on certain websites, sharing the website with friends, and just creating an account gets you 50 points. Honey is a pretty sweet website and add-on that you don’t even have to think about because it does all the work for you.


As someone that does 85% of her shopping online, using small applications such as this really makes a big impact at the end of the year; 5 dollars here, 10 dollars there, and before you know it, you’ve been able to save 100 dollars over the course of a year. We all want nice, new things, but we should buy smart because our financial goals are met not by leaps and bounds, but by small, baby steps. I can’t promise you that you’ll have a million dollars in your bank account by using Honey, but I can promise you that these small online savings will make you feel good about getting the most out of your hard, earned dollars.

You can check out honey for yourself here:

Happy Shopping!


Note: the opinions listed above are my own, and I was not provided any free services or financial compensation from Honey.


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