5 Lessons I Learned From Christmas Vacation

It’s a Griswold family Christmas and we’re going to have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny f***ing Kaye!

I am a huge Christmas Vacation fan, and when I mean huge, I mean I own the moose mug, have watched the movie every year since I was 12 and made my husband buy a matching shirt with me. Yeah, I somewhat feel like an adopted Griswold. Though the movie offers hilarious laughs there is more to it than watching Cousin Eddie empty the shitter; there are some great holiday lessons to take away from this nutty family. Below are my 5 holiday lessons from Christmas Vacation.

Lesson 1: Though you may think its less expensive to go cut down your own tree, consider the time, frostbite, near death experiences, car repairs, possible squirrel attack, and actual tree size. Maybe you might just want to stick to those Christmas tree lots.


Lesson 2: Never trade your home for an RV. It just doesn’t make financial sense. Plus, every time the shitter is full, you’ll get stuck cleaning it.

tenor (1)

Lesson 3: Don’t put a down payment on a swimming pool before you get your Christmas bonus because it may just be a year long membership to jelly of the month club. If you do put the down payment be warned, you run the risk of having a mental breakdown and being an accessory to kidnapping.


Lesson 4: Know your neighbors. They may cost you more than sleepless nights…they may just cost you your carpet, new sound system, your marriage, and sanity.


Lesson 5: It’s the holidays and we’re all supposed to be miserable. So drink your eggnog, smoke your cigars, eat your dry turkey and try not to kidnap anyone.


Happy holidays! 🙂



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