Alex Castro

Hey everyone,

Thanks for visiting our site! Like many of you, I’m a regular guy who’s on a journey to become debt free. I’ve got student loans and a mortgage which at the moment makes my net worth look really pathetic.

However, I’ve made impactful decisions that have skyrocketed my finances since I’ve graduated from college and I’m eager to share them with you. I’m fervently passionate about personal finances so I created – a personal finance blog that is designed to keep the finance conversation simple. In addition, I’m a personal finance contributor for #besomebody!

Our mission is to empower, to motivate, and to inspire people throughout this journey to financial freedom and wealth. 

We are building a community to share tips, best practices, and strategies to guide people in making the best financial decisions.

Oh, and I’m not interested in making money from this blog, so you won’t see any annoying and irrelevant advertisements. We are focused on the content and our mission.

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