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Like many of you, I’m on a journey to pay off my debt, grow my wealth, and to simply feel good about my money. At the age of 23 I had $100,000 in student loans and a mortgage which made my net worth really pathetic.

However, I have aggressively tackled my finances by prioritizing my debt repayments and growing my retirement/investment accounts all at the same time. For the record, this couldn’t be possible without budgeting and living below my means.

The financial planning I’ve dedicated to myself and for my family has made significant improvements in our quality of lives. With my personal experience I grew a strong conviction to help others with their financial planning and education.

This is why MoneyQlip’s mission is to empower your financial journey!

Beyond creating great content for our audience, we are on a journey to build cutting edge technology that will give you bite-sized educational lessons to empower your financial literacy, money management tools to help with your day to day expenses, and provide you access to financial advisors that will give personalized and comprehensive financials plans.

We want you to feel good about your money!

So if you’re interested in following our journey and to stay tuned about the launch of the MoneyQlip app, follow us and submit your name and email in our home page. We’d love to invite you to use the early versions of our app.


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