Francesca Gemelli

As a Miami native who enjoys everything this city has to offer, I had to learn that “living where you vacation” should not mean splurging like I’m always on vacation. Considering how bad my spending habits use to be, I would have never dreamt that I would be contributing to my favorite financial blog. But, here I am – a real life MoneyQlip success story — joining the ranks of some knowledgeable people on the subject! (SELF-FIVE!).

When not at work, you can find me squeezing in a workout, binge-watching Netflix, enjoying outdoor activities, and cuddling with my two cute fur-babies, Xena and Lucy. My go-to rewards after reaching a financial goal are eating sushi and/or treating myself to beauty and hair products. I am just a regular girl trying to navigate this crazy, and sometimes, expensive world. My posts will focus around how anyone can take control of finances while still enjoying life. Together, we will learn to always choose the budget-friendly option. Follow our page so we can tackle our finances together!