Vania Pedraja-Castro

Hello everyone,

So this is where I tell you about myself; well it’s a good thing thats a short list.

Born and raised in crazy Miami, I am what they call a true Miamian, which basically means I know they will never finish the 826 and Islas Canarias has the best croquetas.  Naturally, being a Hispanic young woman, I wasn’t allowed to leave for college, so I obtained both my Bachelors and Masters in Public Administration from FIU…go panthers!

I am an Economic Developer for the City of Miami Beach. Yes, I am a bureaucrat, yes I actually picked this career, and no you can’t boss me around because you “pay my salary.” If you know a local government employee, go give them a hug, they keep your city running.

I’m married to my best friend, who also happens to run this blog. I’m the CEO of the family (obviously) and I have two little minions, Aria and Tyrian (aka Bubba).

I got sucked into writing for the blog because I am a very opinionated Hispanic woman and Alex thought it best if I wrote down all my opinions instead of bossing him around all the time. So here I am, writing reviews and unbiased opinions about financial products I use to help me afford more shoes.

Hope you enjoy!


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