Who We Are

MoneyQlip is a fintech startup in the making!

We are building cutting edge technology that will have bite-sized lessons to empower your financial literacy, money management & budget tools to help manage your day to day expenses, and you’ll have access to certified planners & advisors who will give personalized comprehensive financials plans, advice, and on-going money coaching support!

Personal finances should be made simple and that is why we want you to feel good about your money.


Our mission is to empower your financial journey!

How This All Began

For nearly 2 weeks, Alex’s wife’s friends were asking Alex for financial advice! Alex suggested that he would start making video responses for Vania’s friends and post them on YouTube. Better yet, Vania came up with the brilliant idea to create a blog.

Alex wrote his first 2 posts about having the right financial mindset and some simple steps in creating a budget. The posts received better responses than he anticipated and he realized that his passion and expertise could be materialized into a platform to help improve financial literacy and to offer financial services.

Fast forward to this day and MoneyQlip is on its way to build a solution to make personal finances simple and enjoyable.